My project was about comparing West and East coast cultures. I myself have grown up on both coasts. My medium - postcards and books. My subjects - food, slang terms, and music.


After being asked "how are the West coast and East coast different" many many MANY times, I decided to answer the question once and for all. To be honest, they are both very different. But in a lot of ways they are similar. The signature food, common slang, and best known song is different for each state. However, each state has all three of those things.

West Coast

Many East coasters don't believe me when I say there are only 3 states on the West. But alas, that is the truth of the geography. While this book is much shorter, it has just as much rich culture. See the full book here.

food spread 1.jpg

East Coast

I decided the East includes all the states along the coast from Maine to Virginia. Travel between the states is very easy so a lot of elements bleed over, but each state has its own unique style. See the full book here.